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Reading Half Marathon Road Closures 2018

Reading coming together for the half marathon since 1983

The first ever Reading Half Marathon was organised and run in 1983. The start and finish venue was Reading University at White Knights Park. (near Yellow Cars offices!)

It’s time for the Reading Half Marathon again this Sunday March the 18th. There is always a great atmosphere in Reading as the town comes together to support the people that have been training hard to take part. Some of the runners take part to raise money for charity. The costumes are a delight to see! Others are marathon runners who have set themselves goals.

Reading Half-Marathon Road Closures 2018

Road closures for Reading Half Marathon

If you are planning on going to watch the runners please be aware that some roads will be closed. With 15,000 runners taking part and thousands coming to cheer them on. The road closures are understandable! The closures will be from 7am until 3pm. The exact timing is hard to specify as the roads are reopened when the majority of the runners have gone through them. If you are taking part give yourself plenty of time to get to the marathon in time! Call us on 0118 9666555 to book your Reading taxi to Reading Marathon.

A33 (Southbound)9.45am -1130amentire Bennet Road gyratory system
Bennet Road9.50am - 3.00pmentire length
Basingstoke Road9.50am - 11.25ambetween Imperial Way & Callington Road
Island Road9.30am - 2.35pmentire length
Hartland Road9.30am - 11.40amentire length
Whitley Wood Road9.30am - middaybetween Hartland Road & Shinfield Road
Shinfield Road9.30am - 12.30pmbetween Whitley Wood Road & Christchurch Road
Pepper Lane9.30am - 12.30pmentire length
Christchurch Road9.30am - 12.30pmentire length
Kendrick Road9.30am - 1pmentire length
London Road9.45am - 12.40pmbetween Sidmouth Street & Crown Street
London Street9am - 12.40pmentire length
Mill Lane (north & southbound)7am - 12.40pmentire length
Duke Street9.30am - 12.40pmentire length
Thorn Lane9.30am - 12.40pmentire length
Yield Hall Place9.30am - 12.40pmentire length
Minster Street9.30am - 12.40pmentire length
Gun Street9.30am - 12.40pmentire length
King Street9.30am - 12.40pmentire length
King's Road9.30am - 12.40pmbetween Abbey Street and King Street
Abbey Square9.30am - 12.45pmentire length
Abbey Street9.30am - 12.45pmentire length
Abbey Walk9.30am - 12.45pmentire length
Abbots Walk9.30am - 12.45pmentire length
The Forbury9.30am - 12.45pmentire length
Butter Market9.30am - 12.45pmentire length
High Street9.30am - 12.45pmentire length
Market Place9.30am - 12.45pmentire length
Blagrave Street9.30am - 12.45pmbetween Valpy Street and Friar Street
Valpy Street9.30am - 12.45pmentire length
Friar Street9.30am - 12.50pmbetween Blagrave Street and West Street
Station Road9.30am - 12.50pmentire length
West Street9.30am - 12.50pmentire length
Oxford Road9.30am - 1.05pmbetween West Street and Bedford Road (restricted access from 9am)
Russell Street9.30am - 1pmentire length
Tilehurst Road9.30am - 1.15pmbetween Russell Street and Liebenrood Road
Liebenrood Road9.30am - 2pmentire length
Bath Road9.30am - 1.50pmbetween Circuit Lane and Coley Avenue
Castle Hill9.30am - 1.50pmentire length
Coley Avenue9.30am - 1.40pmbetween Bath Road and Berkeley Avenue
Berkeley Avenue9.30am - 1.55pmbetween Elgar Road and Shaw Road
Rose Kiln Lane (northbound)9.30am - 1.55pmbetween Berkeley Avenue and junction with A33
A33 (northbound)9.30am - 3pmbetween Bennet Road and IDR
Lindisfarne Way9.45am - 11.30amwestbound - no access to A33
Longwater Avenue7am - 3pmentire length
Brook Drive7am - 3pmentire length
Northern Way7am - 4pmentire length
Hoops Way7am - 4pmentire length
Shooters Way7am - 4pmentire length

If you get inspired by the runners you can always join in next year!

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