The University of Reading in Partnership with Yellow Cars

It’s late, you’re on a night out in Reading and need to get back to the halls but you have spent all your money!

Sound familiar?

How are you going to get home? You’re broke!

Yellow cars and the University of Reading have got you covered. We are offering you the safe taxi.

Safe Taxi Scheme

The Safe Taxi Scheme has been set up to allow students to get home safely when they have no cash on them.

There could be a number of reasons why a student may use the scheme. You could have lost your wallet.

You may be in a stressful situation and need to get home as soon as possible.

By using the scheme, you agree to the following terms:

* The scheme is available 24 hours per day

* There is a maximum of 4 students to travel at any given time on one STS card.

* The drop off point must be a student residential address in the Upper Redlands Road and Wokingham Road. Halls of Residence, Police Station or Royal Berkshire Hospital. In order to pay the original set fee. Anywhere outside of these areas will incur a charge determined by Yellow Cars.

* Lost cards will have to be replaced by the student at their own cost. Unless evidence of the taxi journey can be provided in the form of a receipt. In which case the taxi company will pay for the replacement card.

* Cards will be returned twice a week. Students will be notified when they are able to collect their card from RUSU reception.

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* Students may return the card in exchange for their journey deposit. If they wish to no longer be part of the Safe Taxi Scheme.

* The scheme will begin as a trial period. If the system is abused then RUSU and Yellow Cars reserve the right to the discontinue this service. Students will be notified if this is the case.
University Of Reading Student Union


If you need to use a taxi in Reading and you want to sign up to the scheme. Take your student card to the Reading University Student Union reception. You can pay for your taxi and get your Safe Taxi Card.

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